We are nims, our labs run experiments ranging from visual identities, print-based projects, to digital communication, UX/UI and consultancy.

We are a full-service creative studio, fluent in design language, specialized in storytelling, creating engagement, and contributing to brand transformation.

Our minimalist design approach and comprehensive branding strategies serve as the backbone of our clients/studio relationship. We have always been selective about who we work with; Project realization is a process that holds both involved parties responsibly equal. 

Politics of The Machines POM

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Having started in 2005, we have witnessed through the past two decades the fast-growing digital transformation cloud. We have been designing and developing digital communication projects in multiple sectors using cutting edge technology with quality and timeless aesthetics at every touchpoint.

Caspresso – Mobile App

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Our design thinking methods and delicate approach in handling projects, despite scales and revenues, established a loyal companionship with our clients. Our collaboration on projects is naturally renewed over the years which always referred us as a partner studio.

Beirut International Platform of Dance – BIPOD

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Nims, a middle eastern pronunciation for the word mongoose, a small carnivorous mammal with a long body, tail, and a grizzled or banded coat.