Mobile app





Caspresso (by Casper and Gambini’s) mobile app, provides a full coffee and accessories delivery solution through its simplified gesture-based two-axis navigation system allowing users’ journey completion from browsing to order placement in a minimum amount of interactions.

In a saturated market of online ordering apps, especially amid the covid19 pandemic, the challenge in creating a distinguished retail digital store was pushed to its boundaries. Throughout intensive consultancy and strategic phases, we have worked on defining Caspresso’s business goals and created its main personas and their needs. Caspresso app lands you in a few steps into the center of its products’ catalog that can be easily navigated through simple swipe gestures. 

Upon product orders, all relevant information is displayed on-screen through a straight forward visual design interface allowing necessary adjustments, customization, and purchases.

Behind Caspresso’s simplified user experience concept lies a rich profile customization and payment methods associated with multiple countries in the Mena region.

Following a series of workshops and intensive meetings with Caspresso team we’ve produced a brand-new information architecture that defined content placement in a sleek and simple way – allowing users to find the most relevant item in the fastest possible way.

We have developed an interactive loyalty program allowing store points collection and spendable rewards, extended to cover in-app purchases along with physical store experience in relation to Casper and Gambini’s chain.