Cinematheque Beirut

Lebanese cinema archive.


Brand identity
Visual design
Website UX/UI



Brand identity, art direction, and user experience design of Cinematheque Beirut online database. A project that aims to become an innovative and dynamic facility dedicated to the art and conservation of cinema in Lebanon.

The visual concept of the Cinematheque Beirut derives from the act of archiving, stacking film rolls, and material in a preservation room or on shelves.

We have created a responsive logo that takes 3 shapes covering various use, such as web and social media platforms, print-based publications, and skyscraper banners to name a few.

6 months prior to Cinematheque Beirut launch, we have created video mockups using our final UX/UI assets to create demos and short social media promos to encourage donors and attract funding and resources to the project. 

Currently the website is still under development (outside nimslabs) and waiting for additional funding and data entry till its final completion.

Current website

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